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The September Lodge Drum Session will be at the PNC Center in Raleigh, home of the Carolina Hurricanes and N.C. State Basketball. We will start later than our normal time (3 PM versus 2 PM) due to the American Heart Association event earlier that afternoon at the PNC Center. The drum session will start promptly at 3 PM. We hare invited some special guests who should make this drum session even more exciting.This will also be our first opportunity to welcome new Arrowmen who completed their Ordeal at Fall Fellowship.
Later in the afternoon, there will be a grand tour of the facility including areas that few people except PNC staffers ever get to see. Please use the Service Entrance (loading dock area) on the north side of the building between the 3000 and 4000 parking area. You will be met at the door. We will not be using the VIP Entrance on the south side of the building near the Box Office (at the flag pole).
Ice is already down in the arena but if the portable flooring is also down for another upcoming event, we may be able to sing at “Center Ice”. See above.
This is one drum session for which everyone needs to be properly dressed. Scout uniforms are O.K. but not required. Long pants are appropriate to sit at the drum. No shorts, frayed cuffs or blown-out knees and no open-toe shoes, flip-flops, or tank tops.
Many thanks to Warren Pusak from Eluwak Chapter for making this visit possible.
Dancers (and anyone who wants to be) are always welcome at drum practices, including this special session. It’s impossible to be a good dancer without knowing the basics of Native American powwow singing and at least familiar with powwow song structure.

Attend your third practice session and receive a FREE drumstick kit!

Dancers (and those who would like to be) are always welcome at any drum practice. A dancer who is familiar with Native American song structure and powwow singing will be a much better dancer.

Lodge Monthly Drum Practice Schedule for 2014:

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28 September 2014 3-6 PM PNC Center, Raleigh
26 October 2014 2-4 PM Troop 402 Scout Hut
16 November 2014 2-4 PM Troop 402 Scout Hut
14 December 2014 2-4 PM Troop 402 Scout Hut

Bill Morris
Lodge Drum Advisor
919-949-7163 (C)