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Q: What is Conclave?
A:The section conclave is an annual activity (prior to 1972 known as an Area OA Conference) involving three or more lodges in an established geographic area. Each conclave is led by section youth officers elected from among the member lodges at the previous year’s conclave, and the event itself is prepared in cooperation with various other lodge officers, and with one lodge serving as the “host lodge”.The SR-7B Conclave is a gathering of over 1000 Arrowmen that occurs once a year in April at a Boy Scout Camp in our Section. In short, it’s a great weekend of fun, training, and fellowship!

Q: Where is Conclave this year?
A: Conclave is being held at Camp Raven Knob in Mount Airy for 2017.

Q: When is Conclave?
A: Conclave is being held April 21-23, 2017.

Q: Who should go to Conclave?
A:Every OA member in SR-7B is welcome to attend. We want adults and youth to come — there are activities for everyone!

Q: How much is Conclave?
A: Conclave is $45. This is a bit more expensive than our lodge events but it’s a larger event. The way pricing works is that the section keeps $35 for program expenses and the lodge keeps $10 to spend on the delegate packet.

Q: What’s in our delegate packet?
A: You’ll have to wait and see for this year. The packet usually includes a couple patches, a bag, novelty items, a schedule, and a special theme item.

Q: Why should I attend Conclave?
A: Conclave is the biggest and best event of the lodge year! Conclave is a full weekend of events such as the OAXperience, fantastic training opportunities, competitions, Individual and Group Dance Indian Affairs Competitions, Indian Affairs Singing Competitions, Section Elections, Ceremony Competitions, Patch Trading, Nightly Shows, the always anticipated Quest for the Golden Arrow, Lodge Cook-Off competitions, the Spirit Award Competition…as you can see the list keeps going on and on.On top of all this, you’ll get to hang out with your friends and meet other brothers from all over our Section. SR-7B has one of the largest Conclaves in the country each year.

Q: What do I need to bring to Conclave?
A: Be sure to bring a tent, sleeping bag, insect repellent, money (for the trading post), patches (for trading), rain gear, flashlight, your full uniform and sash, and anything else that might make your stay more comfortable. Be prepared to have an awesome weekend!  Food and fun are provided in abundance.

Q: Are there any important documents I need to bring?
A: If so, they’ll be listed below:

Q: How and where do I register?
A: As we’ve discussed above, Conclave is not a lodge run event and therefore has a different registration process from regular lodge events. You won’t be able to register for Conclave through our website and will need to register through the Section website. To register for Conclave, please click the blue button below.

Q: I think I registered but I can’t remember. How do I verify if I’m registered for Conclave?
A: Unlike Lodge events where you can check our registration system to verify your registered, Conclave does not give that option. We do however keep a running list of abbreviated names public on our website for you to check. The public list is updated every week or so. If you have registered in the past two weeks, your name may not be on the list yet. Please contact us if you can’t find your name. Click the red button below to check the list.

Attendee List

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