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Fellow Arrowmen,
Now is the time to join Drum Team. We need interested youth dedicated to learning the traditions and songs of our southern drum in order to compete at Conclave next April. This group may even continue to work together to prepare for competing at NOAC in 2018.
Drum sessions will alternate between the Troop 402 Scout Hut in Durham and churches in Fayetteville. Participants should check Slack or the Lodge website AIA page(s) regularly for changes to date, time, and/or location. Since some Brothers are not yet registered to the AIA or Singing channels at, we will continue to use the drum listserver and email for the foreseeable future.
There will no doubt be a few more schedule changes during the year. So, re-check your email or the Lodge website before heading out to any drum session. You will also notice that there are two sessions scheduled for most months. Getting together to sing only once per month is simply not enough for anyone to make real progress as a singer. Two sessions per month will also help everyone be better prepared for Lodge Pow Wow in March and especially for the singing competition at the Section 7B Conclave in April. We did not do well at Conclave last year because we did not do enough preparation. 
As always, Scout Uniforms are not required for drum sessions. However, long pants are required to sit at the drum This is one of several ways that we show our respect for the drum and all that it represents. Also, non-OA members (Scouts, Webelos, Cubs, etc.) are welcome to attend our practice sessions.

Date Time* Location

*Except if noted below: Food and Fellowship starts at 2:00 PM. We will open the drum at 2:30 PM.

 18 June             2017         2:30-4:30 PM      St Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church 1000 Andrews Rd, Fayetteville NC 28311

16 July               2017        2:30-4:30 PM       Troop 402 Scout Hut, Durham

30 July               2017        2:30-4:30 PM       Troop 402 Scout Hut, Durham

13 August         2017        2:30-4:30 PM        SAUMC, Fayetteville

20 August         2017        2:30-4:30 PM       Troop 402 Scout Hut, Durham

10 September  2017        2:30-4:30 PM       SAUMC, Fayetteville

24 September  2017        2:30-4:30 PM       Troop 402 Scout Hut, Durham

  8 October        2017        2:30-4:30 PM       SAUMC, Fayetteville

22 October        2017        2:30-4:30 PM       Troop 402 Scout Hut, Durham

12 November    2017        2:30-4:30 PM      SAUMC, Fayetteville

26 November    2017        2:30-4:30 PM      Troop 402 Scout Hut, Durham

  3 December    2017        2:30-4:30 PM       SAUMC, Fayetteville

17 December    2017        4:30-6:30 PM       Troop 402 Scout Hut, Durham

Save the date: 19-21 January 2018 Carolina Indian Seminar, Statesville NC – Excellent learning opportunity for all AIA – dancers, singers, ceremonialist

I hope to see you at our next drum session.
Bill Morris
Lodge Drum Advisor
919-949-7163 (c)

Blake Leone, AIA Singing Chairman,


MEETING TIME:  Fellowship 2:00 – 2:30 PM, 2:30 – 4:30 PM Drum & Singing Session


Troop 402 Scout Hut – Durham = 847 Glenco Rd Durham NC 27703

SAUMC = St Andrews United Methodist Church, 121 Lofton Drive, Fayetteville NC 28311

Attend your third drum session and receive a FREE drumstick kit!

Dancers (and those who would like to be) are always welcome at any drum practice. A dancer who is familiar with Native American powwow songs will be a better dancer.
Lodge MONTHLY Drum Meet Schedule for 2016 will be posted shortly on the Lodge website ( and on Slack ( Watch for any changes! Are you signed-up on the Lodge Drum List Server? ( Unless otherwise posted, Lodge Drum sessions will be at the Troop 402 Scout Hut, 847 Glenco Road near Research Triangle Park in Durham, 2:30-4:30 PM.

As always, we want to be respectful of the drum and the Native American cultures that are shared with us. Please dress accordingly whether for a practice or a more formal occasion. Scout uniforms are O.K. but not required at practices. Long pants are always appropriate to sit at the drum. No frayed cuffs or blown-out knees and no open-toe shoes, flip-flops, or tank tops, please.
Directions to the Troop 402 Scout Hut:
Most (but not all) Drum Sessions are held at the home of Troop 402, 847 Glenco Road in southeast Durham near Research Triangle Park and only a short distance from US Highway 70 (Glenwood Ave) and Miami Boulevard. Check the Lodge Website AIA page regularly for changes (Date, Time, and/or Location).
From I-40, take the Durham Freeway exit (Highway 147), exit 279B and stay on the freeway north towards downtown Durham. Take the Ellis Road exit. At the bottom of the off-ramp, turn right (east) on Ellis Road and follow it to the traffic light (Miami Blvd). This is a “T” intersection. Turn left on Miami Blvd and go about one-quarter mile to the first traffic light (Angier Avenue). Wendy’s and KFC/Taco Bell will be on the left. At the light, turn right on Angier Avenue and go to the third street (Glenco Road). Turn right on Glenco Road and go about 0.3 mile. The Troop 402 Scout Hut is on the left; there is a sign and a flag pole.
From I-85, take the exit for US Highway 70 East. Follow US 70 to the traffic light at Miami Blvd (south toward RTP, I-40, and the airport) and Mineral Springs Road (north toward highway 98). From US 70, look for the signs for I-40. Turn right (south) on Miami Blvd towards Research Triangle Park and I-40. Go to the first traffic light (Angier Avenue). Turn left on Angier Avenue and go to the third street (Glenco Road). Turn right on Glenco Road and go about 0.3 mile. The Scout Building is still on the left with a sign and a flag pole but no street number.
From Raleigh and the southeast: Take the I-40 exit for Miami Blvd and continue towards Durham until you reach Angier Avenue (watch for Wendy’s and KFC/Taco Bell on the left. Turn right on Angier Avenue and go to the third street. Turn right on Glenco Road and go about 0.3 mile. The Scout Building hasn’t moved any.
From west Raleigh, use Glenwood Avenue / US 70 West. Turn left on Miami Blvd and continue as above.

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